Who We Are


Bioguard Environmental Limited is a clean energy renewable generation company based in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria. Bioguard Environmental is principally engaged in generating electricity, biogas, compost and by-products from bioenergy feedstock and agricultural waste through Anaerobic Digestion (AD), biomass, gasification and other technologies. This puts us in an opportunistic position to better cater to the growing demand for alternative renewable energy solutions within the Nigeria’s vast underutilized resources that is in abundance. Currently, Bioguard Environmental intendsto develop, build, own and manage a number of Biomass-To-Energy projects in Nigeria.

We are keen to grow significantly in the coming years by both building and acquiring fully developed environmental–friendly plants andgreenfield projects across West Africa.  Bioguard Environmental has also signed long term agreements with mechanized farm producers for feedstock and is in negotiations to secure Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”) with  public and private utility corporations. The secured agreements with both large scaled and small cooperative farmland suppliers to enable timely supply of feedstock to its energy plant.

Our Mission and Vision

With renewable energy principally coming from hydropower being the principal core of energy production since the 1960s’ for the national grid in Nigeria, Bioguard Environmental represents a new breed of innovative and revolutionary approach to financial sustainable and technically viable projects that focuses on ridding Nigeria of its energy poverty image. Bioguard Environmental is committed to building state of the art, technological and environmental friendly driven facilities that benefit communities both rural and growing urban centres across Nigeria.

Bioguard Environmental are dedicated to the production of energy from biogas through the anaerobic digestion of organic feedstock and residues from agricultural sources. Bioguard Environmental team believes that making energy from agricultural bioenergy crops is not only desirable from an environmental point of view but it is also economically attractive for our clients and partners.

Our ethos is to build on the delivery of our services to help develop andwork alongside State governments to promote their alternative renewable energy initiatives, through the implementation of advances in the research into biogas technology to locally demonstrate its feasibility, application, and adaptation thus helping to improve the quality of energy supply in Nigeria.


Electricity Generation
Bio Gas
Anaerobic Digestion


Bill Sanders

Founder & Civil Engineer

Mark Williams

Founder & Engineer